Giant wheel studio portfolio activ8
Activ 8 Web development Kolhapur by giantwheel studio


Activ8 is India’s only US Patented Structured Alkaline Packaged Drinking Bottled water Manufacturer. The company is located in Kolhapur, MH, IN. Expanding rapidly across India. Building a website for Activ8 is an amazing experience for us.


Designing a website that matches with the Activ8’s Packaging was a main challange for us. The packaging contains numbers of colors.
Activ8 another requirments was to have a semless experience to the ecommerce portal.
Responsive Design,  SEO, Lightning Fast website. are the basic challanges involved.

Solution we made

We came with perfect website design that blends perfectly with the package designing.
The website is developed in WordPress. And is fully responsive.
It is super lightning fast.
We also integrated an amazing Ecommerce platform which provides seamless experience to both visitors and to the company.