Get Free Premium TDL Domain | .com .In .Net .Org Free Domain Name for 1 Year

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Welcome friends, Building a new website or a blog could be expensive. Especially for small business owners or new bloggers. So here’s a grate offer for you. Yahoo small business has brought you an offer, Where you can get a Free Premium TDL domain either it is .Com or .In or .Net You can register a Free Domain Name for 1 Year. And same some expenses on your new website.

What is Yahoo Small Business?

Yahoo small business is a platform where you can register domains, Purchase Web hosting services, and Other web services such as website builder, Ecommerce platform and much more.

Due to the small businesses being affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic, Yahoo’s small business platform is helping get your business online for FREE*. You can register a free domain name and get also get 5 business email addresses for example ([email protected]) Free for 1 year.

With this off you will get their Website builder, Domain Name, 5 Business emails, Private domain registration, and much more.

How to get Free domain

To avail this amazing offer click here. And follow this step by step guide to get a free domain name.

Create an Account

  1. Open Yahoo small business portal by clicking here. This will take you to the Yahoo small business platform. Click on the button that says “Start for free”.
free domain name

2. Provide your new business information. Answer two simple question as What is your business type. and business name.

.com free doman name

Here you can mention your business types such as Web services, or customer service or basically you can your business type whatever it is. If you are starting a blog website then you can simply choose Web services.

Once you filled the form click on the continue button below the form. And that will take you to the next step.

3. Time to signup: A signup form will open. Here you can create your Yahoo small business account by filling the information. Such as Your Name, email address, and password. Read the agreement and check the box that says I have read the agreement.

On the right side You can see your cart details whats includes the services details that you will receive with your account by signing up to this portal. That includes Business plan creator, Finance Tracker, Online and Local works,

free domain name

let’s focus online, Where you can get a Website, Free Domain, 5 Email boxes, And SSL Certificate. Below this information, you can see your subtotal as $0.00 Which basically means you will get these services for free. As you can see they have mentioned the discount coupon details in the green bar that says “$120.00 for an annual term and coupon discount”

So fill the information and click the Continue button.

4. Select Payment Method:
Select the payment method which is suitable for you. There are two payment methods available basically which are Credit card and Paypal. You can choose either one. Paypal will be less hectic and quick.

Now of course you will not get charged for this. This is a completely free service And you have to inert the payment method just for verification purposes. So just choose your payment method and click continue.

5. Order Review:
Now And order review page will open, Where you can see your order details.

Check all the details and click on the Submit Payment Option. Now before that Please take a closer look to the point that says “ Recurring Charges
It has mentioned “Online: $120.00/yr. (Beginning September 19, 2021”. That basically means it will begins charging you $120.00 per year from next year. Because this year it is free.

Now of course you use this service for free this year and transfer your domain name before the next year’s date of you don’t want to pay $120. Or you can continue using the service if you like. Depends on you.

If you’re going to use WordPress or something. Or you have other hosting options the there is no point of paying for the services you’re not going to use in this account but the domain name, So you can transfer the domain to the Other Registrar such as GoDaddy or Namecheap or aby other you prefer.

Also, You can also remove the recurring payment from your payment option. I’ll show you how you can remove the recurring payments from your PayPal account below. For now, just click on the submit payment option and complete the payment process.

6. Order Complete:
Once your payment process is done you will receive following screen. That says Your order is complete.

free domain name

It will show your order ID, your email address and the charges that are basically $0 i.e Free. Now There is a one last step to complete the registration process and creating your account. That is confirming your email address.

7. Email Account Verification:
So, open up your email address before continue to dashboard. You might have received few emails from Yahoo small business portal to the email address you just provided to create your account.

Open up the email that says “Activate your Yahoo Small Business account”. Your email should look like this.

yahoo small business free doman

Go ahead click on the Activate my account or copy pest the URL in the blue to the browser. And that will verify activate your account. Once you do that The next step is to register your Free domain name.

Register Your Domain

So, Once you activate your account. It will ask you to login in with the credentials you provided while creating the account to the portal. Enter the email address and password and login in.

After successfully login into your account, They will ask you some basic questions for security reasons. These are the basic questions such as secondary email address, and security questions, etc. Fill the information and click continue. And your Yahoo small business dashboard will be available.

9. Claim and Verify your domain name:
On your dashboard, you will see various options. To register a domain name you simply need to click on the card that says “Claim and verify your domain name”. The card should look like the one in the image below.

Once you click on the card. The next form will open where you can choose your domain name.

10. Choose your domain name:
Now you’ll be asked to choose the domain name for your website. The portal will suggest some domain names which are available and associated with your business name under the recommended rection. Or you can search for the different one if you like from search more section.

Simply choose the domain name you want and click on the “Get it now” button. You can only register a single domain name per account.

11. Register your domain name:
So basically the form will open where you have to submit the information to register your domain name. You can use the same email address you used to create your account for the portal. I’ll recommend you use the same to avoid confusion. It’s a basic form jut fill the information and click the submit button at the end. And you’ll see the following screen.

And that’s it. You have successfully registered your free domain name for 1 year.

12. Confirm domain registration:
Now, this is the final step to activate the free domain name that you just registered. You will receive an email from the portal to the email address you provided in the previous step for activating your domain name. So, open up your email again

So open up your email inbox and check for the email that says “VERIFICATION REQUIRED – Please verify your domain name”. Now the email takes time to receive.

Domain verification email

Now click on the link that says and your domain name will be active.

You can check the your domain details and manage your domain by clicking on the online menu on the left side and by going to the domain option.

free domain name

Here. after activating your domain name via email you will see the domain status as Active in the status section. Now this will take time to reflect in your dashboard so have some patience. Once your domain name is active you can use it.

Change Name Servers

Now to use your domain name you might need to change it’s name servers. You can find those setting by scrolling down on the same page.

.com free domain


So, That’s how you can have a Premium domain name for free for 1 year. Now you can create a website, blog, affiliate website, ecommerce store or whatever you want to user this domain for.

And before one year you can transfer the domain to the other registrar. I’ll update the steps to this post after some time. on how you can transfer the domain.

Noe if you like this article, or have any question, please comment down below in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your loved ones. And help other to kickstart their online business.

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